The Death of POP

Pop is dead. Pop has Popped and Pooped out. It has finally reached the apex of soulless and crass commercialism that inspired it. Pop does not go deeper than the gloss surface and celebrity icons of its images. It is like American action movies based on superheroes – alot of superficial distraction and kitch puns. Where is contemporary art built on the traditions of impressionism and modernism – a contemplative, cerebral, and personal art? Today’s pop art superstars can’t trace their hand… recently Jeff Koons was sued for plagiarism twice in two weeks. If Koons does not CREATE his images (they’re appropriated) and he does not CRAFT his art objects (they are executed by assistants or contractors) then WHERE IS THE ART? Where is the talent attributed to the artist? Aren’t artists at least supposed to know how to draw? Are you really an artist if you only choose an image and market it? I want art based on the Anti-Pop. A personal art that celebrates nature and not human objects. An art that makes us honor and question life and not one that worships bling and empty pleasures. Good riddance Andy Warhol, king of Pop – your art was never personal. Good riddance to eliminating the hand of the artist, to art ‘factories’ and glorifying trite cliches.  Good riddance to egoistic self indulgence and overvalued insignificant objects. The Anti-Pop comes from within, not without. The Anti-Pop is cerebral and spiritual – not sensual and material. Anti-Pop is not in your face and based on fads but subtle and enduring. Anti-Pop is introspective, thoughtful and mystical. It is about live people and wild nature – not dead and manufactured objects. It is the inspiration for art that many of us are doing and that the market is not rewarding… but that will change because Pop is dead.