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I was born in Santiago, Cuba and raised in Westminster, Maryland. After starting my undergraduate studies at Johns Hopkins University I received a BFA from MICA in Baltimore and an MFA from the School at the Art Institute of Chicago. In 1980 I moved to New York City where I worked as Art Director pioneering the use of Computer Graphics applications for art, publications and business presentations. In 1987 I got the opportunity to move to DC and launch local operations for what was then only the second LPTV station in the country. I became Producer and then General Manager for various stations including the Univision television affiliate in Washington where I was responsible for launching and producing the first local Spanish language newscast in the nation’s capital. I now rededicate myself to art and painting.
I seek inspiration from the ordinary and often use personal photographs from hiking local trails as preliminary sketches for my art.  My paintings are about seeing nature through individual shapes and a transparency of process. My intent is that the viewer appreciate each visual element in the painting as much as the method of its execution. My art is most successful when it is defined by simplicity of Form and integrity of Color. I follow the traditions of impressionism and modernism that validate nature as source and the personal touch of the artist’s hand. I hope you find my art cerebral and contemplative in nature.

Thanks for visiting and showing interest in my work. Please send any comments about the pieces or if you are interested in purchasing e-mail me at


7 thoughts on “Contact the Artist

  1. Hi Rudy!
    I love your paintings and was hoping to possible get a landscape of a Reston/Northern VA landmark for a friend this Thanksgiving. Would if be possible to come to your studio sometime this week?
    Shruti Kuppa

  2. Well Rudy, I truly love your minimalistic style and landscapes!! Time to put old hurts aside and make your way back to your birth place and capture old Cuba through your very fresh eyes.

  3. Saludos Rudy

    Espero que tengas exitos en esta nueva aventura llamada Arte

    te recuerda con cariño uno de tus ex empleados al que trataste como un amigo eso no se olvida exitos

    Samuel Galvez

  4. Hey Rudy, it’s Richard Doherty, your former co-worker at the AIC Ryerson slide library in the late ‘70’s. Glad to see you’re still making work and thriving. I ended up in Dallas and retired after 35 years teaching college photo. Jan and I had two kids and both have given us grandkids. What a trip. Take care, R

  5. I love your art.
    I saw it years ago at the Herrdon Community Center.
    I’d love to purchase a piece especially of Great Falls National Park.
    Thank you!

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