Hunter Biden Blows

Here we go again with celebrity artists taking over headlines with misguided incursions into the art scene. This time it’s controversial son of President Joe Biden, Robert Hunter Biden. Like George Dubya Bush before him, Hunter is banking on politics and his father’s name to sell artwork on the side – when he’s not too busy pretending to be a lawyer, lobbyist or hedge fund manager which are all part of his past resume. You would think he was already satisfied and proficient at taking rich people’s money. The images are not particularly captivating, as they are the expected product of a quintessential ‘process art’. Hunter blows on alcohol inks for the sfumato effect they lend themselves to or layers them in drops that naturally form color circles. Yes, Hunter Biden blows! I wouldn’t be surprised if he is high when he makes the art since he has a reputation for alcohol and drug addiction in addition to abusing his family lineage. Then, because he is the son of the president, he is granted prestigious gallery shows and prices in the tens of thousands for his efforts. And you thought only Trump and his acolytes were quality scam artists! This particular scam even garnered a puff piece by no less than the New York Times where Hunter is portrayed as a ‘sensitive’ artist living in Hollywood while they ignore writing about real native artists. It seems the art world has devolved into a game of networking and connections rather than any talent or training apparent and this is just another symptom of that malady. Hunter Biden is constantly trying to parlay his lack of experience or expertise into high paying positions – as in Ukraine or China. He should have really quit his dalliance before joining the art world. Go back to drooling over nude dancers Hunter Biden and thanks for your part in debasing the art world!