Quoth the Artists Nevermore

Visual artists should really just STFU and let their work speak for them. So here are a few, choice, really stupid, quotes I found on the web from some of the most successful contemporary artists… “Sometimes when you’re drunk you can see better.” Damien Hirst (a blind man sponsors addiction), “Making art has never been a mystery to me.” Richard Prince (Dick cannot imagine past appropriation), “I didn’t have any interest in traditional art.” Cindy Sherman (photography is not traditional?), “You must plan to be spontaneous.” David Hockney (and you must not speak to be heard), “A lot of my work is about sales.” Jeff Koons (ad from Wall Street’s Franklin Mint), “It’s a small world, but not if you have to clean it.” Barbara Kruger (WTF?), “The artist has to be a guardian of the culture.” Robert Longo (quick, Batsignal Bobby!), “Artists don’t make objects, artists make mythologies.” Anish Kapoor (and he’s a delusional god), “The only thing worth doing is what’s never been done before.” David Salle (but copying images is fine), “Everything is art, everything is politics.” Ai Weiwei (all or nothing Weiwei). If only they would just do their work and let it be – but we have to put up with their idiotic intellectual rants as well as their art. Apparently there are way too many interviews to fill with such tripe, and I promise not to echo any more of their nonsense.