Abandon the Art Factory

Here’s my New Year’s Resolution… I’m calling for all the exploited artists working in art factories to abandon their posts. Stop lending your talent to artists without skills to claim as their own. Stop supporting the myth of the artist factories. Get a real job and work on your own creativity. Don’t continue to give your time and effort to someone else’s art so some talent-lacking cretin can take the credit. Art factories need to be completely discredited and their masters exposed for the art fakes that they are. There can be no exception left in contemporary art for the outsourcing of talent and “manager” artists need to be shamed back into the shadows. To begin this process, those pretend, spoiled artists need to lose their support mechanisms and subservient personnel. Stop assisting the lies and products of CEO art. To all those doing some other artist’s work I say find the dignity and courage to fail on your own account – you are doing a disservice to modern art and the perception of artists by encouraging substitute art. Painting is not a group activity like film. Inspiration is a solitary experience that becomes manifest through personal talent and skill. Free yourself from the chains of another artist’s visual concepts and end your slavery to its execution. Artists everywhere – abandon your art factory masters and welcome a truly wonderful 2016.