Latest Work

Seascape Carles – 51×24″ – Private Collection
Mercury Fountain at RTC – 24×51″ – Acrylic on Yupo
Hudson River Valley Thruway – 24×51″ – Private Collection
Reflecting Pools near Whiteoak Falls – 24×51″ – Acrylic on Yupo
View from a Vineyard – 24×51″ – Acrylic on Yupo
Lower Crabtree Falls – 24×51″ – Acrylic on Yupo
Hollow Brook Basin – 24×51″ – Acrylic on Yupo

7 thoughts on “Latest Work

  1. Hi Rudy,

    The gallery is really nice and some beautiful paintings. Are those landscapes yours, too?

    Miss not coming to see all of you and Mimi after the last Bar Mitzvah and remember when the lights went out and had to stay with Mimi’s neighbor. I had a great time. By the way, I came across the Valdevense Awards, 2011, in Youtube and you looked so GUAPO. I was so proud and showed to Nathan, my husband and he said , yes that is correct. Saludos a todos.

    Tu prima, Maria Eugenia (NY).

  2. You call this Art! Hai No Papi Chulo! LoL I have seen better of you while you were asleep! I’m just messing with U , as usual. Looking Good!

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