Inappropriate Appropriation

In my continuing rant against Appropriation Art, there is a new jewel of a story about this sad and enduring trend in contemporary art. A self-styled ‘artiste’ in St. Petersburg, Florida (what is it about that state that encourages jerks like this and the guy who broke the Wei vase?), is apparently going to exhibit (i.e. appropriate) the recently hacked and leaked nude photos of celebrities like Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence in extra-large format. The artist XVALA (derisively hiding his identity under a pseudonym – real name Jeff Hamilton of Los Angeles, CA) will exhibit the photographs at ‘Cory Allen Contemporary Art’, a self-described ‘PR gallery’ whose acronym ‘CACA’ is a term that fittingly means ‘shit’ in several languages including Spanish and babyspeak. XVALA’s artist statement says “We share our secrets with technology, and when we do, our privacy becomes accessible to others.’ Great observation loser, that doesn’t mean lazy lackies like you have to profit from them! I’m hoping Jeff gets caught collecting images more akin to pedophilia than his celebrity obsession so he can face some well deserved jail time. In any case, I’m sure some highly-paid celebrity lawyers will have something to say about his planned exhibit. Not only is his ‘appropriations’ art process disgusting to me but his moral compass is also very broken, if not missing altogether. To attempt to personally profit from someone’s crime and another’s invasion of privacy is truly despicable, but to call it art is beyond the pale. The gallery founder, Cory Allen, another precious specimen of humanity, said “The commentary behind this show is a reflection of who we are today…”  well speak for yourself Cory you scumbag – and have your perverted ‘artist’ also look in the mirror! It used to be that art elevated the human body – it now seems that it’s only exploited by sleazeballs of the art world such as these two. So much for appropriation art and its proponents – desperate slugs overindulging in words and images that they could not possibly conceive.

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