Conceptual Art

Imagine that all the work displayed here were commissioned from stable artists at a Chinese art factory that allowed all and any work produced by them to be signed with my name, whether the images were my personal inventions as reproduced by them or a selection of their personal images appropriated and presented as my own icons. Imagine that all the work was reproduced by hand in the ┬áhundreds at $8 each in order to provide wide distribution of ‘originals’ at manageable cost. You might consider this to be artistically dishonest or just a big scam – but if the process was all out in the open in order to create a dialogue to distinguish capitalist consumerism from cultural conceptualism, couldn’t that be considered art? And isnt conceptual art at the core of contemporary culture? Isn’t the ability to created a discussion and question the culture at the core of art? Go to and you will see what is possible in today’s online art market… and how it is diametrically opposed from the cultural pretense of a Christies or Gagosian in the art world.

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